Get Your First Look at Disney’s ‘Tron: Betrayal!’ Graphic Novel

Get Your First Look at Disney’s ‘Tron: Betrayal!’ Graphic Novel

With Disney’s acquisition of Marvel it was likely we would see comics coming from the publisher that are traditional Disney titles or movie tie-ins. An example of this is the upcoming prequel graphic novel for Disney’s Tron: Legacy film called Tron: Betrayal!

Here’s all the scoop on this graphic novel from our friends at Marvel:

Tron: Betrayal! bridges the story between the first Tron film from 1982 and the the new film and tells the story of Kevin Flynn, who is now in charge of the world’s largest video game company, Encom. The break-through game developer has built the Grid, a digital world filled with living programs except now the new virtual world is about to develop a life of its own and, in order to control it, Flynn’s going to need the help of an old friend: Tron.

Showcasing a key time of the mythology of the Tron world, TRON: Betrayal #1 will show the early days of the Grid, and the first appearances of the heroes and villains that will be seen in TRON: Legacy.

Sounds interesting. If it’s half as good as IDW’s prequel comic from J.J. Abrams recent Star Trek film, it might just be worth a read.

Check out the previews for this graphic novel after the jump. Tron: Betrayal! hits store shelves on October 6th.