Get A Sneak Peek at Syfy’s Fall Programming

Get A Sneak Peek at Syfy’s Fall Programming

It’s nice that an entire network has decided to devote itself to the pursuit of Sci-Fi movies and TV programs. After all, before Syfy (previously known as Sci-Fi) we geeks had to seek our reruns of Star Trek and monster of the week movies elsewhere. Believe me, it was no easy task.

And finding anywhere that was running not one or two but several Sci-Fi TV series at the same time, forget about it. Fortunately, the Sci-Fi Channel changed all that and now, re-branded as just Syfy, they continue to push the envelope and bring us even more compelling content each and every year.

With that in mind we’ve got a new promo for you today highlighting all the upcoming Fall shows new or returning to Syfy. Among them you’ll see fan favorites Caprica, Sanctuary, Ghost Hunters and Stargate: Universe and some new shows you’ve probably not heard about yet.

Check out the promo after the jump. Syfy will start airing these new and returning programs in the Fall. In other words, pretty darn soon. Enjoy.

  • Joeye4
    September 22, 2010 at 11:38 am

    I also appreciate Sc fy network but could they do a better job when they creat movies. They are generally pretty stinky.