'Human Target' Coming to Blu-ray and DVD

‘Human Target’ Coming to Blu-ray and DVD

One of the nice things about running your own website is that you can highlight movies, comics, games, TV shows or other entertainments that otherwise might not get a lot of attention or even, in some cases, slip under the radar completely. One such show is Fox’s Human Target which, in spite of its great cast led by Mark Valley and featuring Jackie Earle Haley, has not exactly been a ratings winner for the network.

Fortunately, the show has been given a second season and hopefully it will find new fans and become a big hit. It’s a great show with a good mix of action, drama and humor and an engaging cast which makes for an entertaining hour of TV each week. To help get potential fans excited for the new season and for established fans who want to relive their favorite moments, the show is coming to Blu-ray and DVD.

To help kick things off right we’ve got a scene from the show to share with you which helps illustrate the action, characters and humor I referenced earlier. This scene, part of the special features on the Blu-ray and DVD release, gives you a great idea of what the show is about.

Other highlights of the release include all twelve episodes, featurettes, commentary with cast and producers as well as a gag reel. So, with tall that in mind, check out the promo for the release after the jump.

Human Target The Complete First hits store shelves on September 21.