‘Mystery Science Theater 3000′ Brings It’s 19th Volume To DVD This November

‘Mystery Science Theater 3000′ Brings It’s 19th Volume To DVD This November

There aren’t very many science fiction comedies out there that have as much of a long-lasting fan following as Mystery Science Theater 3000. Fans of the show have even followed the series’ stars Michael Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy onto their spinoff venture, RiffTrax.

While RiffTrax is growing in popularity, fans still look to the fine folks at Shout! Factory to release all of their favorite MST3K episodes on DVD in fancy box sets. More recent releases have come with collectible ‘bots to throw up on the shelf, and the most recent release, volume 19, even has an exclusive Gypsy statue to add to that collection. From Shout!

This side-splitting collection of MST3K features the show’s never-before-released episodes Robot Monster, Bride of the Monster, Devil Doll and Devil Fish.  Those entrees come with a side of extras, including a new introduction by J. Elvis Weinstein, cult filmmaker Larry Blamire’s full-fledged geek-out on Robot Monster, new featurettes on Bride of the Monster and Devil Doll, MST3K: Origins and Beyond from CONvergence 2009, original movie trailers, and four exclusive MST3K mini-posters by artist Steve Vance. There might even be an Easter Egg…we’re just sayin’.

The whole box set runs about $70 when it hits the market on November 9th, but that steep price also gets you that fancy Gypsy collectible figurine to go alongside your Crow and Tom Servo figurines. If all of the bots will be collected by volume 19, what special treat do you think we’ll get for the epic 20th volume release next year?

Check out a full image of the box set after the jump, and keep it here on more details surrounding this awesome upcoming release.