Check Out All New Promos for Next Week’s ‘Chuck’ and ‘Community’ Premieres

Check Out All New Promos for Next Week’s ‘Chuck’ and ‘Community’ Premieres

If you’ve been coming to The Flickcast for pretty much any time at all you undoubtedly know we love good TV shows. That’s why we’re excited for the return of two of our favorites next week: Chuck and Community.

Both of these shows represent what’s best about TV and excel in their given genre. From action to humor to drama to romance both of these shows deliver. So, to commemorate them returning to the air next week, we’ve got previews from both shows to share with you today.

First up is Chuck and in this video you get some details about the fourth season of the show from series stars Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski. But wait, you also get a surprise appearance by Dolph Lundgren as well so what could be better than that? Finally, Casey gets a real nemesis. Or does he?

Next up is Community which, if you’re not aware, is one of the funniest shows on TV. Go watch the episode entitled “Modern Warfare” if you don’t believe me. In the videos today we’ve got all sorts of great stuff including a Season 1 remix clip and cast outtakes. Great stuff indeed and more than enough to get you ready for next week’s premiere.

Check out all the videos after, as always, the jump. Chuck returns next Monday at 8/7C and Community on Thursday at 8/7C only on NBC.


Zach, Yvonne, and Dolph


Season 1 Remix

Chevy Chase Outtakes

Season 1 Outtakes

Season 1 Outtakes – Part 2

Season 1 on DVD