Catch Two New Clips From ‘Superman/Batman: Apocalypse’

Catch Two New Clips From ‘Superman/Batman: Apocalypse’

DC’s animated home video department has been on a role as of late. Since last year, they’ve turned out films following Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Justice League, and even a few ansillary characters such as Jonah Hex and The Spectre. The quality of the films have seemingly increased exponentially and the next film, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse looks to continue that trend.

The film follows the Superman/Batman: Supergirl story arc from books by Jeph Loeb, Michael Turner, and Peter Steigerwald and gets another all-star cast of Kevin Conroy as Batman, Tim Daly as Superman, Summer Glau as Supergirl, and Andre Braugher as Darkseid. For those not in the know, here’s the lowdown from the press release.

In Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, a spaceship splashes down in Gotham City Harbor — leading Batman and Superman to encounter a mysterious Kryptonian with powers as great as those of the Man of Steel. The Kryptonian is soon revealed to be Kara, cousin of Superman, who takes her under his wing to educate her about the ways of Earth. However, the villainous Darkseid has other plans.

Seeing an opportunity to finally defeat Superman, Darkseid abducts and gains control of Kara, utilizing the powerful Kryptonian to do his bidding. It’s up to Batman and Superman to save Kara, but they’ll have to take the fight to Darkseid within his hostile world – where unknown, deadly threats lurk around every corner, including a brainwashed Kryptonian able to match Superman blow-for-blow.

The film drops on DVD and Blu-Ray September 28th, but before that, we’ve got two brand new clips for you to check out after the jump, so get to it!