Get Your First Look at Stan Lee’s ‘The Traveler’

As comic book legends go, Stan ‘The Man” Lee is probably the most famous. His amazing creations and co-creations like The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, The Hulk and Iron Man have captivated audiences worldwide for decades and given rise to an entertainment empire that endures to this day.

So, when Stan Lee decides to create another comic book, we pay attention, This new one, known as The Traveler, teams Lee with writer Mark Waid and tells the story of a mysterious new superhero with time-traveling powers who battles the Split-Second Men, super-powered assassins from the future.

To commemorate this event we’ve got a bunch of pages from the comic to share with you today. Plus, a few covers as well. So, click through to check them out.

The Traveler issue #1, published by Boom Studios, hits comic store shelves in November.

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