‘Just Cause’ Video Game Coming To The Silver Screen

‘Just Cause’ Video Game Coming To The Silver Screen

Just when you thought Hollywood would be turning to more real-life based stories like The Social Network, news is now coming in that the video game franchise Just Cause is getting optioned into a major motion picture. Variety has the lowdown.

Eric Eisner’s L+E Pictures has optioned the film rights to Avalanche Studios’ videogame franchise “Just Cause,” which it will develop with producer Adrian Askarieh, of Prime Universe Prods., before shopping it to the studios.

The story revolves around Rico Rodriguez, a black ops agent who is brought in for the sole purpose to complete missions of chaos and bringing down foreign nations. Rodriguez has been referred to as “James Bond, Mad Max, Jason Bourne, El Mariachi, Punisher, Rambo, Tony Montana, and Han Solo all rolled into one. With a touch of Enrique Iglesias.” So you can imagine how important the casting for this character will be.

The first game hit stores on XBox proper back in 2006 and the sequel hit the 360 back in March and has sold just over 3 million units between the two. The script is being penned by Turistas writer Michael Ross, who was also the lead editor for Wrong Turn and the remake of 2001 Maniacs. Ross definitely comes from a horror background, so it will be an interesting turn to see him take on an international spy action.

Fans of the game may get excited at the notion of an adaptation, but should have reservations, as this is the third Eidos game that producer Adrian Askarieh has helped to theaters, after Hitman, it’s upcoming sequel, and the soon to be released Kane and Lynch starring Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx.

No word on a timetable for Cuase just yet, but expect to see a release towards the end of 2012 or early 2013.