Sony's 'DC Universe Online' Pushed Back To Next Year

Sony’s ‘DC Universe Online’ Pushed Back To Next Year

There’s no way of this news coming across as good. Sony’s revolutionary new MMORPG which players access to the entire DC hero and villain catalog has been pushed back once again, this time to next year. It was originally slated for next month, but due to more tweaking, the game will not hit until Spring of 2011. The good news? There is now more official info for the Beta of the game, which will be out sooner than the game itself.

SOE has also revealed new details regarding the beta program. Players with VIP key cards and those having registered at the DCUO website will receive access on a priority basis starting as early as next week. As an added thank you, everyone that has already pre-ordered the game, and those who do so by November 15, 2010, are assured access to beta by November 30 (North America only).

Anyone pre-ordering the game after November 15 will gain beta access one week prior to the launch date and will be able to participate in the special beta ending event entitled Battle of the Legends with the rest of the beta participants. As an additional bonus, all beta participants will be recognized post release with a special emblem for their character when the game goes live.  Beginning October 7, 2010, instructions on how to qualify and receive your pre-order beta key, visit:

No word on if the Beta is the reason whether the game was pushed back or not, but it is good news to know that the select few of us who preorder the game will get front row seats to the action before everyone else. Even before that, you can get a look at what’s available in the beta with an all-new trailer for the game showing off the beta combat.

Check it out after the jump and keep it here for more news on the game’s release date.

  • Asdfs
    October 6, 2010 at 11:48 pm

    A little behind there, other sites broke this three days ago!