The Flickcast's 'On The Radar'

The Flickcast’s ‘On The Radar’

Welcome to this week’s On the Radar where we delve into all corners of the entertainment, tech and geek Internets for news, views and whatnot that may have escaped our regular coverage this week. Let is know if we missed something interesting. Otherwise, on to the links!

• Though it may not really have a reason to visit, the Green Lantern film site has gone live.

• In an effort to bring you some of the best trailer mash-ups of the week, here’s a brief rundown:

• Tron abides. The TRON Lebowski

Three’s Company meets The Shining

• A joke? Sure, probably in there somewhere. Pee Wee meets The Hulk

• I vote for the one that takes place in space. Star Trek Vs. Star Wars: The Trailer

• You have to go deeper. Inception 1950’s Trailer

A timeline of George Lucas from 1983 to 2012.

• Speaking of Lucas, here’s the entire Star Wars trilogy done with stop motion paper.

• Because you love lists as much as we love finding them, here are The Most Classic Atari Games Ever. Let’s see which Michael Bay isn’t planning on adapting into a film.