USA Sets Winter Season Premiere Dates

USA Sets Winter Season Premiere Dates

Back in the old days of the “Big Three” TV networks we got new shows in the Fall, watched them until just after the new year and then had reruns all Summer until the new Fall season came around again. Now that we have so many other networks and programs to enjoy we pretty much get new shows all year.

Case in point is USA networks Winter season. Today they announced what shows would be starting or returning for the Winter and more importantly, when and what time they would be back. Here’s the scoop:

USA’s newest series Fairly Legal will premiere on Thursday, Jan. 20, at 10 PM. It will follow the Winter season debut of Royal Pains, which will serve as its lead-in.

Original episodes of White Collar will run Tuesdays at 10 PM beginning January 18. In case you were wondering, Fairly Legal stars the very attractive and talented Sarah Shahi (formerly of the gone to early Life) as a lawyer turned mediator. That alone should merit at least watching the pilot. For the rest, we’ll see USA we’ll see.

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