TBS And Funny Or Die Team Up For Reality Series

TBS And Funny Or Die Team Up For Reality Series

Funny or Die is a website that has cultivated a rabid following by cleverly using celebrity cameos and exclusives, and providing a continuous supply of original content. You’ve probably seen a few of or more of their videos featured right here before.

The site was co-founded by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, and in 2008 they partnered with HBO.  According to Deadline, the site will make its first foray into television with a series tentatively titled Undercover Karaoke.   The concept is loosely based on a a popular viral video from the site called “Undercover Karaoke With Jewel.”

Basically, they disguised Jewel under a wig and makeup, and dressed her up like a businesswoman.  She hits a karaoke bar with her business buddies and when it is time for “Karen” to sing, the crowd is flabbergasted.

TBS has ordered a pilot for the show, in which real celebrities will go various places  in disguise and then perform their own songs to shocked audiences.

The pilot will be produced and created by Funny or Die, using their creative team.  So what do you think?  The Jewel video is pretty funny.  You can watch the video after the jump.