NYCC10: 'Kirby's Epic Yarn' First Impressions

NYCC10: ‘Kirby’s Epic Yarn’ First Impressions

No game was more popular at the Nintendo booth at this year’s New York Comic Con than Kirby’s Epic Yarn, the first Kirby game since 2003.

Gameplay-wise, Kirby’s Epic Yarn is pretty straight forward. Using the Wii-mote, you navigate Kirby through the world. Using a whip, you can attack enemies, throw objects, and pull back portions of the world to reveal new areas. While watching the game, I saw two little kids playing multiplayer, who rather than helping eachother through the level, were whipping eachother

Visually, this game is absolutely gorgeous. Though the footage released in June at E3 made this apparent, I wasn’t prepared for just how good this game looks in person. I don’t think any game has ever showed off what the Wii is capable of until Kirby’s Epic Yarn and I hope other developers follow suit.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn, much like Donkey Kong Country Returns, seems to be easy enough for both the most experienced players and the younger newcomers. It seems that, this holiday season, Nintendo is certainly playing to the younger crowd.

But honestly, after experiencing these two games, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.