Exclusive: Stars Ryan Pinkston and Drew Van Acker Talk 'Tower Prep'

Exclusive: Stars Ryan Pinkston and Drew Van Acker Talk ‘Tower Prep’

Cartoon Network has been working their way outside of the animated box for the past few years or so, with brand new original live action programming. This was a start for the network with original films surrounding established franchises like Scooby Doo and Ben 10, and has now moved on to full series like Unnatural History and this week’s upcoming Tower Prep.

From Lost and Batman Beyond producer Paul Dini, this new show follows the lives of a group of teens who finds themselves in a mysterious school, with mysterious and unique abilities. Think X-Men meets Lost. We got the opportunity to speak with the four main stars of the film and today we’re bringing you half of those interviews, as we discuss just exactly what Tower Prep is with stars Ryan Pinkston and Drew Van Acker.

Check out the interview after the jump. Be sure to check back here tomorrow for more with the cast.

Also, be sure to catch the very first episode of Tower Prep on Cartoon Network, tomorrow October 19th, at 8pm ET/PT.