Exclusive: Elise Gatien & Dyana Liu Explain The Mysteries of ‘Tower Prep’

In leading up to tonight’s big premiere of Cartoon Network’s newest live action series, Tower Prep, we’ve been bringing you significant coverage of the show. Yesterday, we interviewed two of the four main stars, Ryan Pinkston and Drew Van Acker. Today, you guessed it, we’re bringing you an interview with the two other stars, Dyana Liu and Elise Gatien.

This may be one of the first major shows for Dyana, but many fans of the comic genre remember Elise Gatien from season 9 of Smallville as that universe’s version of Green Arrow’s Speedy. How does it all tie in? DC veteran Paul Dini is executive producer of this series, as well as writing tonight’s pilot episode.

The series revolves around this group of teens who wake up in a mysterious prep school for kids with special abilities.

Check out the interview after the jump, and catch Tower Prep on Cartoon Network, tonight at 8pm ET/PT.

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