‘Cars 2′ Gets a Brand New Teaser Trailer & Concept Art

It seems to be a distant memory now, but there was a period in time when Pixar and Disney has split up over financial and creative differences. Obviously, Disney didn’t suffer all that much, and went on to do less-than-Pixar quality films like Meet the Robinsons and Chicken Little. The megastudio finally came to their senses and acquired Pixar in 2006, leading up to it’s first feature film after the purchase, Cars.

The lack in preparation on the marketing side of things hurt the film in the long run, leaving it to get beaten by Ice Age: The Meltdown back in 2006. Now, it’s time to change all of that with a brand new film in the works.

From what we gathered in the teaser after the jump, we know that Owen Wilson an Larry the Cable Guy are returning. Sadly, three of the voice actors from the first film have died since it’s original release, which means we won’t get Paul Newman, George Carlin, or voice actor Joe Ranft in the upcoming sequel.

Check out the new teaser after the jump, as well as some great concept art showing us that the whole gang is making a world tour in this story. Be sure to catch Cars 2 in 3D and 2D, in theaters on June 24th.

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