It's Good To Be Bad With 3 More Clips From 'Megamind'

It’s Good To Be Bad With 3 More Clips From ‘Megamind’

Yesterday, we brought you 3 awesomely hilarious clips from next weekend’s big animated release, Megamind, and if you didn’t think that was enough, we have 3 more for you.

We have more than enough faith in most things super hero these days, but when the film is opening against Skyline and Due Date, expect it to either blow everything out of the water, or get left behind in a race between Hangover fans and sci-fi fans.

Megamind has enough name credit behind itself to make a big enough splash, but fighting names like Robert Downey Jr. and a bunch of explosions, it may be a tough sell for November.

If you’re still teetering on which movie to spend your $10 on, check out some great new clips for the film after the jump, and be sure to make your decision by November 5th.