'Sphereplay' Makes It Okay To Play With Your Balls

‘Sphereplay’ Makes It Okay To Play With Your Balls

Everyone likes to have an interesting toy sitting in their cubicle. Sometimes you need it to help relax after tackling a difficult problem. Sometimes you need a good icebreaker for conversations with new coworkers. And sometimes you just want to play with your balls.

While 99 times out of 100, this would get you fired from a job, Sphereplay allows players to use a custom designed and weighted sphere that can roll and balance across a person’s entire body. What seems like a very basic concept ends up becoming incredibly addicting as each Sphere comes with a instructional DVD tearing 55 moves that can be done with the simple sphere.

Starting out with just rolling the sphere over your fingers, most coordinated people can quickly have it moving over their hands, up and down their arms and ever over their whole body. The company claims that enough time with Sphereplay will help improve coordination, dexterity and balance. From our time with it, that definitely seems to be the case but, a word of warning: Don’t try sphereplay at first next to an expensive computer or television as the sphere sometimes seems to have a mind of its own and will make its way from your hands.

Make sure to take a peek below at one of the Sphereplay experts showing us his moves from NYCC and check out www.sphereplay.com for information on getting your own!