Check Out 3 More Clips From Tomorrow Night’s Special Halloween Episode of ‘Community’

Yesterday, we brought you 3 clips from tomorrow night’s episode of Community in which the students of Greendale Community College become members of the living dead. Today, we’ve got a few more lighthearted clips for you in which the gang get to try out some of their favorite costumes for this year’s festivities.

We all remember some of the great costumes from last year’s Halloween episode, such as Chevy Chase’s Master of the Universe, Donald Glover’s Eddie Murphy, or even Danny Pudi’s Christian Bale. This year, things only get better with even more obscure costumes.

Community may not be doing as well as it could in the ratings, but that hasn’t stopped this season from being one of the funniest shows currently running on TV. Be sure to support it by catching this all-new episode Thursday night at 8/7C on NBC.

In the meantime, check out these three new clips from the episode after the jump.

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