DVD Review: ‘The Robocop Trilogy’ On Blu-ray

DVD Review: ‘The Robocop Trilogy’ On Blu-ray

In a time when it sounds like a good idea to studio executives to rerelease classic films in 3D, it’s nice to see a simple gesture done to a classic set of films like upgrading them to 1080p that really makes you appreciate the times we live in.

That’s exactly what 20th Century Fox’s Home Entertainment brand did when they released the original Robocop trilogy in Blu-Ray. And you can believe that these classic sci-fi films still hold up to this day.

There isn’t much to the discs except for the film. There are very little special features, with the exception of some great old trailers. Though if you’re going to shell out money on films like these, you’ve got to do it purely for the fact that you can now add the Robocop films to your fancy new Blu-Ray collection.

For those who were in a cave from 1987 to 19992, the films are about the murder of Officer Alex Murphy by a group of drugged up thugs. The officer is brutally gunned down, with only part of his brain and chest still intact. Scientists from the ubiquitous company OCP rebuild Murphy into a state of the art crime fighting cyborg called Robocop who is built to clean up the town, avenging his death along the way.

If seeing Peter Weller blow stuff up and walk through fire in 1080p isn’t enough, consider how the storytelling of acclaimed directors Paul Verhoeven, Irvin Kershner, and Fred Dekker will look in these cleaned up prints and digitally remastered audio.

One of the most important elements that is enhanced in this release is the original score by Basil Poledouris. The Robocop anthem is one of the most popular themes in science fiction history, and you get it in full 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround with all three films.

Any fan of the early 90s, science fiction, action, or just robots in general needs to pick up this box set to fill out their collection. The whole box set runs for about $69.99 retail, which isn’t half bad if you aren’t spending it on ‘Nuke.