Get A Closer Look At The World of 'TRON: Legacy' With Daft Punk's New Music Video

Get A Closer Look At The World of ‘TRON: Legacy’ With Daft Punk’s New Music Video

While Kanye may be off producing 30 minute super music videos that don’t make any sense, the band Daft Punk is actually doing an incredible service to the world of geek by producing their newest music video for the song Derezzed completely in the world of TRON: Legacy.

The electronica band is doing all of the music for the film (yes, just like Queen did for Flash Gordon) and if the rest of the songs on the album are anything like this one, you can expect some intense score for the rest of the film.

This new music video gives us some great new shots of the TRON world, including suiting up in the infamous suit, having a light disc battle, and even racing along the endless field of circuits.

Check out the music video after the jump, and be sure to catch TRON: Legacy in theaters in both 3D and IMAX this Christmas.