Apple iPad Now Available at Verizon

It’s a glorious day Apple fans as Verizon is now selling your favorite touch computing device the iPad. It can now be purchased online or in stores so if you’re getting ready for the full transition away from AT&T, this is a great place to start.

You may notice the pricing of the device is the same for both Verizon Wireless and AT&T (16GB: $629, 32GB: $729, 64GB: $829) despite the fact that AT&T sells the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G and Verizon Wireless is only selling the iPad with Wi-Fi. How can this be?

Well, it’s because Verizon is bundling a MiFi 2200 with each iPad. However, in a bid to stay competitive with AT&T, Verizon will not require a contract. Instead, the carrier is offering month-to-month data packages of 1GB for $20, 3GB for $35 or 5GB for $50. AT&T’s data packages for the iPad remain unchanged at $15 for 250MB/Month, $25 for 2GB/Month, or $30 for unlimited if you were one of the lucky ones to have had the deal prior to the change.

As someone who already has an iPad, this won’t really have much effect on me. However, it does bode very well for the future as Apple and Verizon solidify their relationship in time for the company to begin selling the iPhone next year.

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