Halloween Treat: New Horror Anthology in the Works

Halloween Treat: New Horror Anthology in the Works

During the month of October, there are a smorgasbord of horror movies to watch on cable and network television.  One of the best parts about this is that we get to revisit perennial favorites, including horror anthologies, which have dwindled in the last decade.

Now comes word that the horror anthology might be making a comeback.  Arrow in the Head is reporting that a powerful slate of international horror directors might participate in a new anthology based in Paris.  The film is tentatively titled Paris, I’ll Kill You.

Joe Dante, Paco Plaza, Vincenzo Natali, Xaviern Gens, Christopher Smith, Ryuhel Kitamara, Julien Maury, Alexandre  Bustillo, and Joern Heitmann will all be contributing stories for the film.  That is exciting news indeed, as these are the talented  men that brought us Gremlins, Rec, Splice, Frontiers, Midnight Meat Train, and more.

It is possible that this film could be the first in a franchise, each movie honing in on a certain “horror city.”  This could certainly be an exciting way to infuse the horror world with fresh blood, so to speak.

Outside of the Three Extremes franchise, we can’t recall many anthologies as of late.