Exclusive: Star Darin Brooks Talks Season 2 of ‘Blue Mountain State’

Exclusive: Star Darin Brooks Talks Season 2 of ‘Blue Mountain State’

Imagine the raunchiness of Animal House mashed with the camaraderie of college football. That’s exactly what you’ve been missing out on if you haven’t caught Blue Mountain State on Spike.

Now entering their second season, the show promises to push the envelope even more this year, with some big names, crazier scenes, and more fun you can shake a stick at.

We recently got to sit down with one of the stars of the show, Darin Brooks, who plays Alex Moran, about some of the awesomeness we can expect to see this year, as Blue Mountain State tops off it’s full 13-episode season run. Check it out!

The Flickcast: Right off the bat, what can we expect to see in season 2?

Darin Brooks: Oh, some awesome stuff. Things just get crazy. I know we have Denise Richards coming in for a cameo, and things get pretty steamy. Also, we have Frankie Shaw joining in as Sammy’s sister who has a bit of an obsession with Alex, so you can imagine how awkward things are going to get.

TF: There was hope for a built in Animal House/Van Wilder college crowd, but did you expect BMS to blow up as much as it has from season 1?

DB: It’s hard to say, especially in this business. You never know what’s going to happen. We knew that the show was going to get crazy, and that Spike was letting us get away with a lot of crazy stuff. Stuff you wouldn’t expect a network to say yes to [laughs]. But they did, and it really pushed the limits and boundaries on what’s on TV today. There’s nothing else like it. It’s our generation’s Animal House or Porky’s or whichever way you want to spin it, because college kids can relate to it. They’ve all been there, there is drinking, girls, and great stories. We just kind of take it to a new level and explore it a bit more. Obviously, don’t try anything we do at home, but it’s fun for the kids, too!

TF: The show has been marketed to the fans as Friday Night Lights meets Entourage. Would you say that’s a fair comparison to the show?

DB: Yea. I’d say definitely Friday Night Lights, but maybe more like Van Wilder than Entourage. It really has that wild college element to it.

TF: Did you play football at all before working on the show, or was this something new for you to get into for your character?

DB: I played in high school I played for about a year and a half. I was actually the quarterback, too. I was always playing sports thought. I played baseball for 8 years, and soccer for 6, so I like to stay active. I’m a huge surfer now. I did play football in high school though, and I remember the last game I ever played. It was against this team who lived on the other side of the island in Hawaii, and it was filled with Hawaiians, Samoans, and Congans, so just these big, huge guys. I came from the side of the island where my team wasn’t as big. I just remember getting my ass kicked and realized I wanted to just quit getting beat down and start surfing and enjoying life.

Pick up Blue Mountain State Season 1 on DVD now, and catch an all new episode every Wednesday at 11pm on Spike.