Apple Releases iOS 4.2 to Developers

iPhone users get ready for a brand new operating system for your shiny devices. This week Apple released the GM (Gold Master) of the next version of its OS for iPhones to developers to test and that can only mean one thing: It will hit for the rest of you very soon.

In earlier statements, Apple had promised iOS 4.2 by early November and it looks like they are probably on track. If you have developer access (Like some of us here at The Flickcast) and like being on the “bleeding edge” of iOS releases, head on over to Apple’s Developer Site to get what you need.

Two of the new features expected to be included in this update include Air Print for remote printing via a networked Mac or compatible HP hardware and Air Play which will allow user to hand off video playback to the iOS-based Apple TV. Pretty slick.

If you end up installing this update let us know your results in the comments.

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