Microsoft Kinect Hits Stores Today

As I may have indicated previously, I’m having a hard time getting very excited for Microsoft’s Kinect. Regardless, I’m sure it will probably sell very well. In fact, we will find out how well today as this is officially Kinect launch day around the world.

The new motion-based video game controller for Xbox 360 is, according to most industry analysts, expected to be one of the best-selling accessories this holiday season. Microsoft recently raised its holiday sales projections from 3 million to 5 million units. That’s a lot of units.

You have a couple options to get Kinect. If you currently have an XBox 360 (Or a few of them) you need to buy Kinect. If you don’t have an XBox 360 you can buy one that includes a Kinect. However, as I said before, this is probably going to be a hot seller so if you do want Kinect, I suggest buying one now.

As in right now.

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