Tech Review: NoiseHush N650 Solar Powered Bluetooth Car Kit

Tech Review: NoiseHush N650 Solar Powered Bluetooth Car Kit

Let’s admit it: it may be against the law in several states, but there are still plenty of people who still use their handheld cell phone while driving. Of course, that has a direct correlation with the amount of car accidents, which means it’s time to embrace the technology that will eliminate the need to take your hands off the wheel. That’s where the N650 Solar Bluetooth Car Kit from Noise Hugh comes in.

This bluetooth kit requires no hands, no ears, and most importantly, no cords. One of the main pains with bluetooth kits is having yet another cable reaching from your car outlet to the kit cluttering up your dashboard. The N650 is 100% solar powered, which it can take in through your windshield, so no wire clutter needed.

A main factor in deciding your bluetooth kit is, obviously, whether or not you can hear and be heard. The folks at Noise Hush definitely take their name seriously, as you can talk–with the radio up–and still be heard. The device also offers echo cancellation and full noise reduction.

As for hearing the other end, the device is basically one big speaker, so you should have no problem doing 55mph on the highway and hearing the other half of your conversation.

The simplicity of the device may be one of the best options. Broken down to five buttons, there is a power button, a call button, volume buttons, and a phonebook transfer button. Though, the call button pretty much does it all, between answering, hanging up, voice dialing, and redialing the last number.

Finally, a feature that is relatively new to the world of bluetooth car sets. The N650 can transfer your phonebook numbers from your phone straight to the device, all through the magic of bluetooth. Basically, if you can spare the extra battery life, you can leave bluetooth active on your phone, and never have to take your phone out of your pocket.

Noise Hush’s N650 could just be the be-all end-all of bluetooth sets, between it’s unlimited talk time, optimized sound quality, built-in phone book, solar charging, and bright LCD screen. If you’re looking to avoid that ticket and not worry about the clutter of a headset, pick up Noise Hush’s N640 Solar Powered Bluetooth Car Kit today for an affordable $59.95.