Uwe Boll’s Newest Masterpiece, ‘Blubberella’, Gets A Trailer

Uwe Boll’s Newest Masterpiece, ‘Blubberella’, Gets A Trailer

Uwe Boll has given up. At least, that’s what he’s trying to give the impression of. From the man who brought us films like Postal, Rampage, and an upcoming documentary on Auschwitz, comes Blubberella, a film about an overweight half-vampire who takes her hungry vengeance out on Hitler and his band of Nazis.

If Lloyd Kaufman were dead, he’d be spinning in his grave at the thought that Boll is making films that could be considered more vulgar and pointless than his films. As if you needed any kind of proof that this film will be obscurely bad, cult hero Clint Howard is cast as a Nazi scientist in the film.

Boll regulars Lindsay Hollister and Michael Paré also join in the cast. You may remember Hollister as Steve Carell’s lonely overweight dance partner from Get Smart, and you may remember Paré from other decent films like Streets of Fire and The Philadelphia Experiment.

The film is begrudgingly making it’s way to theaters next year, but you can check out what we’re talking about with the full trailer after the jump. Enjoy!

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