Catch Up With 'The Walking Dead' Mini-Marathon

Catch Up With ‘The Walking Dead’ Mini-Marathon

Okay, we tried to tell you about it for weeks before it aired.  However, some of you didn’t listen, and you missed out on the first two episodes of AMC’s zombie apocalypse drama The Walking Dead.

No doubt, you’ve been feeling sheepish at the water cooler for the last two Mondays.

Now you can rectify your grave (pun intended) error and catch up on the first two episodes of The Walking Dead.  AMC will have a mini-marathon of the first two episodes beginning at 8/7c this Sunday evening.

They will be followed by a new episode entitled “Tell it to the frogs.”

You can visit the official site for The Walking Dead for more details, and to participate in the Spread the Dead contest from AMC and The Walking Dead.  Enter the contest, spread the word about the series, and compete for prizes and a chance to win $5,000.

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