Expect To See 'Paranormal ActiviThree' Next October

Expect To See ‘Paranormal ActiviThree’ Next October

Out with the old, in with the new. Many people were speculating that the Saw franchise would go head to head with the Paranormal Activity franchise every October, after they had a dueling horror theme this past Halloween. It looks like Activity may have won that battle, as there is already a plan for a third film to release next October, and Lionsgate has no plans on continuing the Saw franchise. From Variety.

Paramount has greenlit “Paranormal Activity 3” for production with plans to release the pic on Oct. 21.

Insiders said the pic’s original helmer, Oren Peli, and producer Jason Blum will have some part in the creative process but their roles are yet to be determined.

The first two “Paranormal Activity” pics revolved around a family haunted by an evil spirit, with both films lensed in the found footage style.The films have grossed a total of more than $300 million at the worldwide box office.

Many insiders are speculating that the third film, now taking on a new director and screenwriter, will drop the “found footage” approach that the first two films utilized. If the studio was smart, they would do whatever they could to keep this lightning in a bottle, and avoid any Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 repeats.

Can Lionsgate get their act together in enough time to scrounge up a competitor and retain their undefeated streak of Halloween successes? We shall find out soon enough.