The Perfect Holiday Gift for the Apple Fan on Your List?

The Perfect Holiday Gift for the Apple Fan on Your List?

It gets tougher every year to surprise the Apple fanboy/fangirl on your holiday shopping list. They probably already own every gadget Apple manufactures, perhaps several times over, so how to surprise the Apple fan this year? It’s got to be this guy.

No, not me, but the face of Apple himself, Steve Jobs as an amazingly detailed glorious action figure. As described by the manufacturer, “The most phenomenal Steve Jobs figure ever. It looks insanely like Steve.” Indeed it does.

Chinese online store, M.I.C. (Get it? “Made in China?”) offers this unique action figure for $79 and the attention to detail is quite high. From Jobs’ receding hairline, right down to his trademark New Balance sneaks, nothing seems to have been missed. The figure even sports removable glasses and a scale iPhone in his left hand. Even the figure’s base is shaped like a white apple logo.

M.I.C. is also offering an “accessory kit” for their latest toy. Included are a number of “speech bubble” cards so that you can make Steve say some of his famous catch phrases, a brush and a permanent marker. I’m not sure what the brush is for precisely, and now that I’m thinking about it, I’d probably save the extra $2.99 and just make my own.

I’d also like to see other Apple products, such as the iPad or perhaps Macbook Air  included in an accessory pack. And finally, one thing that remains disturbingly unclear, is whether Steve is pose-able or not.

Update: It appears the company has gone “Out of Stocks” (sic) on this product, but if you’re interested in something like this, you may want to keep an eye on the company’s product page as I’m sure they’re making more.