Daniel Radcliffe Is Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe Is Harry Potter

Sometimes, at least in the minds of fans, the line between a character and the actor who portrays that character can become blurred. Often you will see fans referring to their favorite actor as the character from the movie they love.

Sadly, that affliction doesn’t seem completely confined to the fans. Apparently, some actors have that problem as well. Or, in the case of one Daniel Radcliffe and his relationship with a certain young wizard, the situation is slightly different.

Having some trouble understanding what I mean? Well, perhaps this video from Funny or Die will help you out? In it, Daniel Radcliffe explains that he isn’t, in fact, the actor portraying Harry Potter. Instead, he’s Harry Potter playing the role of actor Daniel Radcliffe.

Still confused? Well, click through and perhaps all will be illuminated.

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