Box Art and Details Revealed For ‘All-Star Superman’

Box Art and Details Revealed For ‘All-Star Superman’

DC’s Animated Original Movie department has been on an absolute roll in the past few years. With amazing stand alone films like Justice League: New Frontier, Batman: Under The Red Hood, and Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, there are very few stories that Bruce Timm and his animators won’t tackle in a 75 minute animated film.

It looks like that trend is continuing with their next film, based on Grant Morrison’s elseworlds story about our favorite Kryptonian in All-Star Superman. Not only will the story be one of the most mature and heavy plots told in this format, but casting director Andrea Romano is sparing no expense on the cast as well. Fans get the voices of stars the voices of James Denton (Desperate Housewives) as Superman, Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) as Lois Lane and Anthony LaPaglia (Without a Trace) as Lex Luthor.

The DVD and Blu-Ray is set to hit stores on February 22nd, but you can check out a complete list of the features on both releases, as well as the beautiful box art after the jump. Stay tuned as we bring you some great coverage of the animated film soon, as well!

  • Feature film (est. 75 min)
  • Sneak Peak at Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, the next DC Universe Animated Original Movie
  • Featurette: “Superman Now” – In a moment of inspiration, Grant Morrison was provided an opportunity to revamp the Man of Steel into something modern, something more relevant for today’s audience. This is the story of All-Star Superman – where it all started, and what it came to be
  • Two bonus episodes from animated television series handpicked by Bruce Timm
  • Featurette: “Incubating the Idea” – A conversation with Grant Morrison
  • Audio Commentary: Bruce Timm and Grant Morrison
  • All-Star Superman Digital Comic Book
  • Standard and high definition versions of the feature film
  • Digital copy on disc of the feature film

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