Promo For ‘Robot Chicken Star Wars III’ Hits The Web

In what feels like a George Lucas joke arms race, Seth Green’s Robot Chicken and Seth McFarlane’s Family Guy have been going neck and neck with their own Star Wars specials. The good thing is that there is no real loser, as both productions share much of the same talent, and we all benefit.

Hard to believe, but coming up this month is the third installments of both Robot Chicken and Family Guy’s specials. It’s A Trap, McFarlane’s Return of the Jedi spoof will be hitting DVD and digital download on December 21st, but Green has him beat by mere hours, as Robot Chicken: Star Wars III airs on Adult Swim December 19th at 11:30.

All of your favorite characters are back for the special, like Donald Faison as the Stormtrooper, Breckin Meyer as Boba Fett, Seth McFarlane as Palpatine, and countless other voice actors lending a hand.

Check out the very first promo for the special after the jump and be sure to tune into Adult Swim on December 19th.

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