'Princess Bride' Meets 'Star Wars' In This Great Fan Film

‘Princess Bride’ Meets ‘Star Wars’ In This Great Fan Film

Since the epic Star Wars Kid YouTube explosion 4 years ago, and the inevitable lightsaber remix, practically everybody with a computer has been taking a whack at adding lightsabers to some of their favorite things.

Everybody from Bruce Lee to Monty Python to sexy lingerie models have been wielding lightsabers on the web for years now, so it’s a bit difficult to pick out a decent video when it comes through.

That is, until now.

Youtube user VFXFreak has managed to squeeze two timeless franchises together: Star Wars and The Princess Bride by making the duel at the cliffs one with lightsabers.

Check out the video after the jump, and keep your eye out for more great web videos like this one to emerge.