Check Out the New Trailer for 'Real Steel' With Hugh Jackman

Check Out the New Trailer for ‘Real Steel’ With Hugh Jackman

We like trailers here at The Flickcast. We especially like them for movies featuring robot that fight. No, I’m not talking about yet another Transformers sequel.

Instead, DreamWorks has released a new trailer for Real Steel, an upcoming film directed by Shawn Levy and starring Hugh Jackman. Yes, it does feature robots fighting only these robots weigh 2000 pounds and look human.

It’s not all about the robots, however, as it centers on Hugh Jackman’s struggling fight promoter who thinks he’s found a champion in a discarded robot. Along the way he also develops a relationship with his estranged son.

Real Steel will hit theaters in October of next year. Until then, check out the first trailer after the jump.