‘Inception’ Gets Spelled Out With A Real-Time Multi View Video

If you’re like the rest of the nerds around The Flickcast office, then you took your 30 minute lunchbreak on Tuesday to run out and grab Inception on Blu-Ray so you can relive all of Chris Nolan’s dreamworld madness. Of course, with the instant (and legal) accessibility of the film, come the bad ass fan edits.

We haven’t seen any cool Inception lightsaber fan edits like we have for Princess Bride, but there is one video that’s been floating around the Internets that needs to be shared as much as possible. Youtube user Weikang had the great idea (and was the first) to edit all of the dream worlds side by side at once, showing how they all played together.

Mind you, some worlds run faster than others because they are dreams inside of dreams (doesn’t sound as cool when you explain it, sorry Nolan). Check out the cool fan video after the jump.

Expect to see plenty more Inception fan films hit the web as more and more folks re-watch the psychological action flick over and over again. At least we hope so.

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