Get A Sneak Peek At NBC’s New Superhero Drama ‘The Cape’

If you stuck with NBC’s Heroes until the bitter end and afterward said “The only thing this show was missing was costumes” then you are in luck. NBC has heard you and decided to bless fanboys and fangirls everywhere with another hour-long superhero drama with new characters called The Cape.

With the exception of the lead, ER’s David Lyons, the cast is pretty nerd-heavy. Summer Glau, Keith David, Vinnie Jones, and Martin Klebba (Star Trek) all fill out what could potentially be an interesting group of misfit superheroes (and super villain) as they take on thugs and gangsters. Did we mention there’s a weekly “Father detached from his family” storyline? Because there is.

While we still have some reservations about the show, NBC can’t wait to get started. They’ve even got a brand new sneak peek to get everyone pumped. Check it out after the jump, and join The Cape every Sunday starting on January 9th at 9/8pm Central.

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