Microsoft Updates Office 2011 For Mac

Even though most of us are Mac users here at The Flickcast, that doesn’t mean we don’t have to use some Microsoft products. Case in point: Office 2011 for the Mac. This recently released suite of applications, which includes Word, Excel and for some Outlook, is pretty essential especially if you’re dealing with Windows users where the Office Suite is king.

The new update update for Office 2011 (Which brings the suite to version 14.0.2) offers improved reliability when accessing Office for Mac through third-party applications, fixes problems with Microsoft’s AutoUpdate program and improves stability in Outlook 2011. And really, who doesn’t want improved stability. Amiright?

The update is available now through Microsoft AutoUpdate. We’ve started applying to our Macs here at the office and so far, so good. If you do update, let us know if you have any problems in the comments.

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