iPad 2 Reportedly Features Smaller Bezel, Flatter Back, “Wide Range” Speaker

With all the iPhone/Verizon rumors it’s nice to see rumors concerning another Apple product pop up sometimes. This time around it’s the iPad 2 which, according to Japanese Mac blog MacOtakara, will have a flatter back and smaller bezel compared to the original iPad.

The site also indicates the device will feature larger “wide-ranged speaker” located behind a mesh speaker grille. These will, presumably, offer much better sound quality than current generation device.

In addition, the next iPad will be three millimeters smaller than the original, but the display will stay the same size. That means the bezel surrounding the iPad’s display will probably shrink substantially, improving the devices overall appearance — at least to us. The rear case has been flattened to be more like an iPod touch, which should make it easier to lay on a flat surface. Yeah, that “bump” in the middle has always been a bit of a pain.

No word on if the new iPad will feature a camera, or cameras, but as often is the case, we’ll get more rumors and information as the device gets closer to release. Speaking of that, Apple’s next-generation iPad is expected to begin shipping from manufacturers in January or February, with a release likely soon after.

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