Box Office: Those 'Little Fockers' Pick Off 'True Grit'

Box Office: Those ‘Little Fockers’ Pick Off ‘True Grit’

True Grit and Little Fockers dropped off little from their opening weekend attendance, but in the end those Fockers reigned supreme. The movie managed to make about $26.3 Million in its second week of release. That’s a 15% drop, which sounds impressive, but its cumulative ($103 Million) can’t touch its predecessors (Meet the Fockers) total of $162 Millon in the same time frame.

A bit more impressive was the 1% drop of True Grit, which came in at number two with $24.5 Million. If you are a Coen Brothers fan (or even a staunch indie supporter) you should find this quite exciting.  After two short weeks, True Grit has grossed over $86 million, officially making it the highest grossing movie for the directing duo.

Box Office Mojo reports that True Grit is the best attended Western since 1993, when Tombstone graced the screen.

No Country for Old Men (2007) made just upward of $74 Million during its entire theatrical run, and that included an Oscar “bump” at the box office.  True Grit seems a lock to surpass $100 Million during its run.  The film had a (relatively) modest budget of about $38 Million, so it will be a success story.

Disney’s Tron: Legacy is holding firm. It came in at number three, adding about $18 Million to its two-week gross.  It now stands at $130.9 Million.  If the budget hadn’t been so high ($170 Million), the movie would certainly be considered a hit. However, the film has performed better than many pundits thought it would.

Here’s an unlikely statistic:  Yogi Bear jumped 66% over the weekend to make $13 Million.  Guess parents were feeling the post-Christmas cabin fever.  How else to explain such a jump for the critically panned movie?

Another family-friendly film, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, enjoyed elevated ticket sales with all the kiddos looking for something to do.  The film came in at number five with $10.5 Million, barely besting Tangled’s take of $10 Million.

Oscar hopefuls The Fighter (number six; $10Million), Black Swan (number eight: $8.4 Million) and The King’s Speech (number 10; $7.6 Million) all had impressive an impressive weekend, despite playing on fewer screens than most mainstream fare.