Verizon Holding Medi Event January 11, iPhone Launch Announcement?

Well, this is interesting. Apparently Verizon has decided to hold a big media event in New York City on January 11th to announce. . . well, we don’t know yet. However, that hasn’t stopped the speculation from going to an even higher level once word of the event came out.

Of course, we think this is the long-rumored Verizon iPhone announcement. And don’t try to tell us different. We believe, darn it. Anyway, whatever it is Verizon is doing a great job of building anticipation for pretty much anything it ends up announcing.

Although, I would bet that people will be far less excited about another 4G LTE device or some announcement other than the iPhone coming to Verizon. If it isn’t the iPhone, I wouldn’t want to be the guy making the announcement that day.

Whatever happens, we’ve only got a few days to wait. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

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