'The Incredibles' Gets A Blu-Ray Release Date

‘The Incredibles’ Gets A Blu-Ray Release Date

While the Pixar/Disney partnership has been one for the record books, one film that touches the hearts of anyone who has ever picked up a comic book is 2004’s The Incredibles. The film withstands it’s 7 years of release, and will now be getting a brand new breath of life as it makes it’s way to Blu-Ray this April.

The release is said to be a combo pack, which means you’ll not only get the Blu-Ray disc, but a standard definition disc as well as a digital download. The Blu-Ray disc will also be state-of-the art in high definition, bringing you 6x the resolution of a regular DVD.

In promoting this release, Pixar and Disney Home Video released a new trailer, featuring the voice of director Brad Bird reprising his role as the lovable fashionista Edna E. Mode. Check out the trailer after the jump, and get ready for the Blu-Ray combo release on April 11th.