First Trailer and Screens for ‘Supremacy MMA’

First Trailer and Screens for ‘Supremacy MMA’

Remember Pit Fighter for the Sega Genesis and how cool it was bashing your opponent’s heads in with a no holds barred fighting game? Now imagine upgrading those graphics about twenty years with realistic bodily damage physics added in for good measure. Being published by 505 Games of ArmA: Armored Assault fame, Supremacy MMA is being developed by the newly founded Kung Fu Factory studio.

In the trailer and screens below, you’ll see a first peek at this extreme version of the MMA world. Not licensed, the fights in Supremacy MMA look to be more brutal than anything sponsored by the UFC or ever Pride. There won’t be any shortage of blood, broken limbs and big knockouts in this game.

505 Games was also pleased to announce that former UFC lightweight champ Jens Pulver will appear in the game. Jens is one of only two fighters to ever beat UFC legendary lightweight BJ Penn. Jens will be competing XFO 38 on January 22 which will be sponsored by Supremacy MMA. Interestingly enough, Jens is a self proclaimed avid PC gamer and is known to play World of Warcraft.

Check out the full press release, screens and debut trailer below of Supremacy MMA and stick to the for more info as it becomes available.

Published by 505 Games and developed by Kung Fu Factory, Supremacy MMA brings the brutality of unsanctioned, amateur and unauthorized MMA fighting to the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system this June, favoring fast-and-furious gameplay and underground aesthetics over official branding and television-style presentation. The game raises the bar in the MMA space by bringing an unprecedented level of arcade-like, fluid combat, intuitive controls and true-to-the-sport brutality, telling the story of up-and-coming fighters in their quest for supremacy.