Could This Be The Future Of Glasses-Free 3D?

Could This Be The Future Of Glasses-Free 3D?

Now that CES is behind us, we’re expecting to see tons of new inventions or ideas that didn’t make the cut at the world’s largest technology expo. Plenty of things didn’t make it on the show floor, and it’s almost unfortunate that this new doohickey falls in that category.

3D is one of the biggest leading movements in technology for the foreseeable future, and in that world, one of the big advancements is removing those big bulky glasses from the 3D equation all together.

That’s where Francois Vogel and Jonathan Post come in. They’ve got a brand new device they’re testing out that plays with eyelids much like 3D and RealD glasses do with the lenses.

Of course, there’s no way of knowing if these gadgets have a place in the world of consumer technology, but they definitely freak all of us out. Check out the demonstration after the jump.

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