‘Reagan’ Documentary Premieres Tonight on HBO

‘Reagan’ Documentary Premieres Tonight on HBO

No matter your political leanings, most people can’t deny that Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States, was a fascinating character. The story of a man going from humble beginnings as a small-town lifeguard through his time as a Hollywood actor, as Governor of California and then on to the Presidency is an amazing journey and a tale to be told.

Fortunately, HBO has us covered and will be bringing this story to their network tonight with the premiere of Eugene Jarecki’s documentary Regan. According to the network, the film is a “fresh examination of the fascinating paradoxes surrounding the man, the myth and his legacy.”

It “follows the 40th president’s rise from small-town lifeguard to revered architect of the modern world . . . and investigates how Reagan’s homespun political vision fueled a seismic career, one whose reverberations still shape American life.” Sounds interesting to me. Think I’ll tune in . . . or at least set the DVR.

The film first screened at the Sundance Film Festival and now will air for the first time tonight at 9/8C on HBO. Check out the trailer for the film after the jump.

  • Chris Ullrich
    February 8, 2011 at 3:28 pm

    You are right, of course. Thanks for pointing out the typos.

  • Jbyron93
    February 8, 2011 at 6:48 am

    Clearly his name is ‘Reagan’