Check Out a Preview for HBO's 'The Sunset Limited'

Check Out a Preview for HBO’s ‘The Sunset Limited’

With all the movies and TV programs out there featuring car chases, shootouts, explosions and more, it’s sometimes nice to watch a movie about two people who just sit and talk. Of course, it helps if the people in question are terrific actors like Samuel L. Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones and what they are saying is written by one of the best writers around, Cormac McCarthy.

To what compelling story am I referring? None other than McCarthy’s play The Sunset Limited, which is now a film coming this weekend from HBO. As I mentioned above, the film features two great actors. It is also based on the McCarthy play, written by him and is directed by Jones.

If, for some reason, you’re not familiar with the story, here’s the highlights:

The story focuses on two very different men – a deeply religious black ex-con (Jackson) who thwarts the suicide attempt of an asocial white college professor (Jones). As the one attempts to connect on a rational, spiritual and emotional level, the other remains steadfast in his hard-earned despair. Locked in a philosophical debate, both passionately defend their personal credos and try to convert the other.

The Sunset Limited premieres on HBO this Saturday, February 12th at 9/8C. In the meantime, check out the preview for this sure to be intense drama after the jump.