First Footage Of 'Thundercats' CGI Movie Hits The Web

First Footage Of ‘Thundercats’ CGI Movie Hits The Web

This is something that should be filed under “?”, as some alleged test footage of the once shelved Thundercats project out of Warner Bros has surfaced on the web and it looks….good? About a year ago, the project was announced to be dead (or at least “postponed”) due to budget constraints. A new anime-style cartoon reboot is currently in the works over at Cartoon Network, but it looks nothing like this.

Flixter first had the video, saying that it’s an official CG test from the project back when it was still in the works, and we have to admit, it doesn’t look half bad. Sure, it’s appealing to a younger crowd, with a comical, puerile Lion-O, but it’s got the action, and the animation looks quite impressive.

We’ll be pretty upset if this turns out to be a fake, but at least we know that fans everywhere are still thinking about Lion-O and his band of butt-kicking cats. Check out the footage after the jump.