Check Out A Sneak Peek Of Next Week's 'Being Human'

Check Out A Sneak Peek Of Next Week’s ‘Being Human’

Being Human is turning out to have a huge following in it’s new American incarnation on SyFy. Sure, the BBC series of which it’s “rebooting,” is still ongoing overseas, but the Americanized version is still picking up quite a bit of steam (and viewers) over here.

We’ve got a brand new clip from next week’s episode. Here’s a rundown:

In the next all-new episode of Being Human, Aidan and Josh discuss a break-up with Josh’s sister Emily.  Little do they know that due to the break-up, Emily is going to need a place to crash.  She claims with assumption that it’s okay with Aidan, and he says it is Josh’s sister, only to leave the decision in Josh’s hands.  When Josh asks for how long, Emily replies, “Just until I get back on my feet.”  If they do decide to let her stay, will she even stay safe until she gets on her feet while living with a vampire, werewolf, and ghost?

You’ll have to find out in our clip this week. Check it out after the jump, and see the newest Being Human on SyFy, Monday at 9pm/8pm Central.