Get Your First Look at Issue One of Marvel's 'FF'

Get Your First Look at Issue One of Marvel’s ‘FF’

As we discussed on this week’s episode of The Flickcast, the Human Torch is dead and a new member has apparently joined the group previously known as the Fantastic Four. That character is, of course, the Amazing Spider-Man.

Now, thanks to Marvel, we’ve got a preview of the first issue of this comic featuring the new team for you today. Called FF, the new series comes from the creative team of writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Steve Epting and is described this way by Marvel:

“In the wake of the Human Torch’s heroic sacrifice, Marvels’ first family has re-emerged as the Future Foundation. Spider-Man may their newest teammate, but who else has signed up to protect the future from itself? And what does their presence portend for the world at large?”

I’m not sure, but it does sound interesting. Okay Marvel, you’ve got me. I’m hooked and will read — at least the first few issues.

Check out several pages from the comic after the jump. Marvel’s FF #1 hits comic book stores on March 23rd.